Welcome to Buceo Pichidangui Dive Center, the only Career Development Center in the region and leader in the diving industry in Chile, where divers can receive complete and professional training to fulfill the dream that we are all passionate about, living in the sea.

Located on Barroihlet St. number 50, "La Casa Azul" has, for more than 8 years, been a refuge for us and for hundreds of divers who have trained and dived in our diving center.

At La Casa Azul is where you will live a complete Diving Experience: Assemble Equipment, enter to practice skills in the pool, see how Air and Enriched Air mixtures are made, walk 50 meters, get to the pier and on board of one of our 2 diving boats before going to amazing dives, full of life and colors!

After each dive, a hot drink and a small snack await you on board. In the house you will be able to use the dressing rooms and enjoy a nice hot shower, return to your room, and rest for the next day to repeat this desired routine.

Meet the team

A diver since the age of 10, Ismael has dedicated his life to the study and development of recreational diving. After completing his Instructor course in 2015, he lived for 1 year in Fernando de Noronha, an island located in the north of Basil, where he worked at "Atlantis Divers", a diving center with a long history and size of operation. After this, he mooved for 1 year to the island of Roatan, located in the Honduran Caribbean, where he worked in more than 10 different diving operations. In these places he acquired knowledge and techniques that are reflected today in La Casa Azul and in the Pichidangui Diving operation.
PADI Course Director since 2018, Ismael is in charge of instructor development in our center. Since 2017, he has received PADI awards every year for issuing more than 50 annual certifications, and in 2019 he was awarded the category of "Silver Course Director" in addition to recognition for issuing more than 100 PADI certifications that year. Currently, He is working on a series of projects focused on the professional growth of the diving industry in Chile and the positioning of diving as a pioneer and representative of adventure tourism in Chile. In addition to his long career as a diver, Ismael has been dedicated to the study of marketing since 2017, currently being in charge of the company's digital development.


• PADI Course Director (2018)

• Professional Title of Master of Small Ship, awarded by the Chilean Navy (DIRECTEMAR), 2017

Online courses:

• «Digital Marketing: Community & Content Manager» - Galileo University

• «Google Ads: Effective Advertising» - Galileo University

• "Entrepreneurship in emerging economies" - HarvardX
• «Fundamentals of Digital Marketing» - Google My Business

Ismael Schlack 
 PADI Course Director #350238   -   PADI Tec50   -   Instagram: @prodive_training 
Ignacio Silva 
PADI OWSI #416523   -   Lawyer   -   Instagram: @buceonachosilva

Lawyer, Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences, Diego Portales University and OWSI PADI Diving Instructor in Buceo Pichidangui, he joined our team in 2018 after completing his instructor course with us. Before coming to the BP staff, he was Chief of Diving Operations for 3 years at "AquaMarina Mergulho", a diving center located in Ilha Grande, Brazil. In those years, he acquired a lot of experience and knowledge that are reflected today in Pichidangui Diving operations.

In addition to his career as a diving attorney and instructor, Ignacio has dedicated himself since 2019 to the administration together with Ismael Schlack of Buceo Pichidangui and Casa Azul Diving Hostel, in search of professional growth in the field of diving in Chile, creating projects and mechanisms to position Buceo Pichidangui as an active actor in adventure tourism in Chile.

- Lawyer, Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences, Universidad Diego Portales (2014).
- Professional Title of Skipper of Minor Ship, granted by the Chilean Navy (DIRECTEMAR), 2018.
- PADI OWSI instructor

Natalia Penna 
 PADI OWSI #428143   -   Engineer in tourism expedition management   -   Instagram: @scuba.nata

Engineer in Expedition Management and Activities in Aquatic Environments and OWSI PADI instructor in Diving Pichidangui, she joined our team in 2017. Her experience has been focused on the area of ​​sailing and diving. As a PADI OWSI in Buceo Pichidangui, she has dedicated herself to the development of divers from continued education courses, as well as specializing these students in different areas of diving. In particular, she's great at teaching NITROX and shipwreck diving, being this one her favorite.which is why she's currently working on the development of a Distinctive specialty related to shipwreck diving and its history, in the cold waters of Chile.

In addition, today he is working to create, structure and document different mechanisms to bring diving to the sphere of personal and professional growth.

Always concerned about her students and contributing new ideas to complement her courses, Natalia is characterized by contributing her great smile and energy in the development of our entire operation.

University thesis:
• “Analyze and design a tourist product in Caleta Cóndor, Río Negro commune, Los Lagos region, Chile. 2019 ”

• Engineering in Expedition Management and Activities in Aquatic Environments of the San Sebastián University (2019).
• Professional Title of Skipper of Minor Ship, granted by the Chilean Navy (DIRECTEMAR), 2019.

Francisca López 
PADI OWSI #427396  -  Engineer in tourism expedition management  -  Instagram: @francisca.lopg


Engineering in Expedition Management and Ecotourism with a specialty in Expedition Management and activities in aquatic environments and OWSI PADI instructor in Pichidangui Diving. With different experiences in outdoor learning methods with children and with diving in locations such as Algarrobo and Los Molles, Francisca arrived at the end of 2019 to take her Instructor course at BP, and immediately became part of our staff. Her development as an instructor has focused mainly on the completion of the entry level courses, along with a particular interest in freediving.

Currently, she is one of the managers of the operation in Pichidangui Diving, along with being the coordinator of entry level programs of our diving center.
Her students very much enjoy learning with her due to her courses full of laughter and entertainment, along with professionalism and enthusiasm for teaching the beauties of our sea.

University thesis:
• “Creation and implementation of a new tourist product. The "Guide to Cycling Litoral de los Poetas", Valparaíso Region 2018.

• Engineering in Expedition Management and Activities in Aquatic Environments of the San Sebastián University (2019).
• Professional Title of Master of Small Ship, granted by the Chilean Navy (DIRECTEMAR), 2019

Octavio Schlack
PADI Master Scuba Diver

In 2016 he became the youngest PADI MSD in the world! Octavio has been involved in the dive operation since he was a little kid, so he is a key person in our staff. Always with a smile, Octavio without hesitating comes to all the dives he can!

PADI Dog Diver 

Guardian of La Casa Azul. She is in charge of bringing smiles to each one of the people that enters to our diving center. He really enjoys joining us in the boat but he suffers when we get in the water

Esperanza Fernandez
Manteining and cooking

Maintenance - Toilet - Kitchen
La Espe is one of our most beloved and oldest workers, she has been a fundamental part of the center for years. She is in charge of maintaining order and providing delicious meals to all our staff!

PADI Dog Diver 

Medusa has been with us at La Casa Azul since 2017, when she arrived with a tremendous wound that had her on the verge of death. Luckily, we were able to rescue her and get her to heal. Since then, she has dedicated herself to providing much love to each person who comes to our diving center!

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